Most speak of history in defining moments: they speak of the birth of prominent kings, the lifework of pioneers, the forming of unprecedented societies, the advancement of civilization, majestic discoveries, even mankind’s prolific inventions. But they also speak of ravaging wars, invasion, conquest, the scars of evil, tyranny, the struggle for survival and always the origin of life.

Rarely can one pinpoint the exact defining moment that changed the course of fate, that unrelenting event that without a doubt defined the past, present and future.

That moment, here on this desolate land floating on the edge of the Elemental Chaos, was the forging of the First Sword.

Azuria is a unique place, its surface flat, its edges overlooking the elemental abyss. Some believe that we are layered with land masses below and maybe even above us. But to prove such a theory poses a whole new challenge of its own, one that most think is a foolhardy endeavour of impossible success.

One absolute certainty though is this place we call home, be it intentionally or not is affected by an anomaly of cataclysmic proportions. An aberration of space and time sages refer to as the Eye of Chaos, a swirling vortex of raw power, a maelstrom of divergent energies that to the everyday person has little impact except act as a savage sun providing the necessity of life, but to those cosmic entities we share the multiverse with it is an interruptive, dangerous force that cannot be explained and must be feared.

We are not a godless society, we believe in the higher powers, we pray and atone for our indiscretions, but they mostly fall on deaf ears. Not that it’s by choice but it takes an act of unparallel faith to allow a being of heavenly embodiment to extend influence past the Eye. Thus religion takes a lesser role here; we have those touched by faith, those that have been given a higher calling just not to the extend that one might imagine. It is a perplexing problem, one that can cause a ripple of effects both positive and negative across the land.

All of this is irrelevant however, the character of our land, our relatively short history, the dangerous wilderness we have to contend with everyday, even the Eye of Chaos is not as important as that one unforgettable day that ended a Golden Age and began a Time of Conflict. When all hope was lost, all options exercised, our very survival at stake we made a decision that shaped the very nature of our world. We harnessed the power of the Eye and forged a weapon of unimaginable power, a weapon to obliterate our enemies and preserve our way of life, a weapon that brought out the greed, lust for power and hunger for supremacy from all the races, a weapon known simply as Prime but will go down in history as the First Sword.

- Kaszmir


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