First Session

We’re going to have our first session on Sunday, to start we’re going to do the Level 1 and 2 adventures from the Dungeon Delve book. It ought to be interesting, I have two long time gamers and a bunch of n00bs, girls in fact! I know its hard to believe, but we have some amazing wives and girlfriends that will not only put up with our hobbies but actively support them and participate.

After watching the movie “Julie and Julia” it actually inspired me to finally get my campaign world out of my head and better defined… and to blog! haha.

Hopefully this goes well, I’d like to see this turn into a regular session. It would keep me motivated to finally write the story thats been in my head for like 5 years… Now only if I could get my wife to finish drawing the map :p

- Kaszmir


I think it should go well, I am looking forward to playing finally. It will be nice to see the idea that I have heard about for the last five years come into existence. Look forward to Sunday.

First Session

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