Creation Myth

Though we made be relatively new in the scheme of the universe our savage sun is not. It is believed that the Eye of Chaos has existed since the beginning of time, quite possibly a side effect from the creation of all things, a natural phenomenon of grand proportions. It is an entity in its own right, except more primal and instinctual than the gods or primordials. Always present, always moving around the edges of the Elemental chaos with an agenda and origin unknown to all.

The first inhabitants of Azuria were happenchance. The Eye collided with another realm, tearing a great land mass away in the wake of the collision. That land mass was drawn into the gravitation field of the Eye and formed an orbital rotation, like that one would expect of a sun. Unexpectedly the catastrophe had survivors, survivors spread all across the newly formed earth, survivors than had no choice but to cultivate or perish. It is possible that this collision has happened more than once in history, each time bringing new land and new species into the solemnity of the Eye.

We are challenged every day by the dangers of the whimsical temperament of the Eye, it is a source of unimaginable power, and it provides for us, but also challenges us. Chaos flares, temporary tears in the fabric of space and time, interference to both the divine and primal, earth shaking collisions, are all everyday occurrences to us. But this is home, it’s all we know, it’s all we have.


Creation Myth