From the DM

Golden Rule: If it has a place in D&D it has a place here, we may put our own twist of things but from a rules perspective we will not eliminate any official published material. We will always plan and prepare for upcoming releases and incorporate new material. This is not a D&D variant; it is an avenue to utilize all the options available to us, just hopefully in an interesting and exciting way!

First Sword need to knows…

1: It has a relatively short history, we will not produce millions of years of history, our idea is that the history will evolve from game play, we will however produce several thousand years of history (which is short in game world terms) to guide and establish the sense of the world.

2: It is small, we want our players to become intimately knowledgeable of the lands, from adventure to adventure, campaign to campaign we like to see players recall areas, cities and other memories. Don’t take this as lack of opportunity, there are plenty of adventuring prospects we just like to compact them into smaller more condensed, dramatic events.

3: It is very dangerous, when the map is available (soon I hope!) you’ll see more cities than towns. That is a design decision. Outside the realms of civilization it is extremely dangerous. Towns that are too far from a larger metropolis will be destroyed by a marauding horde of orcs, a rampaging dragon, an evil wizard demonstrating his new powers… you get the idea. If a town is in existence there is a reason, most are of a military nature, but some are either close enough to a city that offers protection, or have some other means of survival.

A common farewell in First Sword is: “Lead out with your sword first”. Meaning if you’re going out of the safety of civilization you must be ready for anything, and most of the time you’re better off swinging first and asking questions later.

From the DM